Dark Platinum Travel Vanity

AED 500

Product Details

Imagine if you are on a plane and want to arrive "well rested and impossibly fresh" in the words of the OG fashion and beauty blogger, Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City. Well, simply pop the seat tray down, reach into your travel tote and pull out your Vanity Girl Travel Vanity in its plush pouch.

Press the On Button, dim up or down as you like, and start slaying. Get ready for some side-eye from the person next to you, but they're just hating because they wish they didn't have to wait in the bathroom line to use the gen pop mirrors.

The Original Vanity Girl Hollywood lighted makeup mirror started the Glam Room Revolution for beauty lovers everywhere. Now, take our signature lighting on the road with you with our diffused lighting travel vanity. About the size of your favorite tablet, these soft, dimmable lights allow you to have a Hollywood makeup moment on the road.

It doesn't even need batteries! It's rechargeable with a micro USB cord (included) so it's super sleek and lightweight.

Our soft, diffused lighting is the Professional's Choice!



  • Hair
  • Makeup for anytime of the day and night.
  • Focus on the small details you have been missing.
  • Be a pro on your beauty applications.
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